RISE by LA Dance Moves

imageThis summer began a special journey uniting friends,  a composer, a cinematographer and a strong purpose.

I feel these critiques from student audience members are genuine, heart felt, and say it all:

“The two ballerinas had their hair down rather than up symbolizing a change that is brave and new… showing the true colors of the ballerinas not being held back by traditional standards. While, during the choreography the two ballerinas used each other to reach new heights and levels while one was in the floor the other was propelled into the air. This brought a rising feeling that showed the poise and control of the ballerinas while performing.”

~ Aidan T

“The message is about friendship. How time and talent test it. They may travel differently, and the world may test limits. The ballerinas share one thing, love for dance. This brought them back together. The dance world can be cynical, the eyes of many might compare them even if, they are a different and unique individuals that possess the same passion-the love for ballet and commitment to such art. These experiences let them see the real meaning of their calling or gift which, together they are more powerful. In unity, they can stand tall in the midst of chaos.

Their moves or techniques demonstrate clarity and experience. You can see their hard work not because of their pointe shoes but because of their physical strength and flexibility. Built through consistent training and determination to achieve it. I hope that their commitment and genuine compassion will pass unto me. “

~ Rhodora M

I am touched by these reviews, as it’s a peek into their soul. An artist rarely gets feedback, and we all wonder if the true message is being received.  I think in this world we can all use a little kindness, a little love and for that reason,  I present to you “RISE”.

~Nancy Paradis

Watch here:

RISE by LA Dance Moves

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