What are Artists saying about LA Dance Moves?


“It has been such a privilege to witness, first hand, the creative vision that Nancy Paradis has brought to life through LA Dance Moves. To have my music illustrated through truly amazing dance and choreography was an experience that I had only hoped for. There is such a beautiful co-dependence between music and dance where one can’t reach its full potential without the other. Nancy has given artists the opportunity to reach this potential”                                                                                                ~David Fertello Violin/Multi Instrumentalist (Mike Pozner, Idina Menzel)

“Collaborating with Nancy was a very inspiring and creative new experience for me. Her approach is beautiful and sensitive, enhancing the music through thoughtful choreography.”  ~ Simon Huber  Cellist (Rachel Platten, Mike Posner, Anastacia, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Camila, JC Chasez)

 “I’ve collaborated with other artists before, but never with dancers at such a level of excellence as Nancy and her team. Working with professionals in a parallel world of art has inspired so many possibilities.”                                                                                          ~Kimera Morell   (Recording Artist, Arranger, Producer, Engineer)

Media:“Recently I had the opportunity to collaborate with Nancy Paradis of LA Dance Moves, and I feel that my eyes were just opened to  this whole world of classical music in an artistic form. Not only did I watch the dancers and hear the composer, but it reminded me that in my world there are movies and film, and then there’s Indie films, which are these small films that get exposed to new generations and audiences. LA Dance Moves does that same thing for composers, musicians and artists, getting their material out into the world.  It really moved me, and the way that I got to see their music expressed through dance has touched me and I am really excited to collaborate further.”  ~Erika De La Cruz,  Television/Media Personality, Best Selling Author “Passionistas”

Artistic Director:

“Encountering an artist who unhesitantly puts her full energy and passion into her craft is becoming increasingly rare indeed. I have found Nancy Paradis to be just such an artist.                                                        ~Joseph Malone Director/Choreographer


“Dancing with LA Dance Moves has been an incredible experience. I have had the pleasure to dance with live musicians on stage and for film. The company has given me the unique opportunity to be a part of a synthesis of art forms that create and work together, resulting in a whole new kind of sensory experience.”                                                                                                                          ~Tess L.  Dancer, Young Entrepreneur 

Working as an LA Dance Moves performer was a very special experience. I felt extremely valued as an artist, and was able to contribute my unique qualities to the production.
                   ~ Jared C. Dancer, Choreographerz60b

Project Improv with LA Dance Moves was a welcomed experience.  It was a chance to play, explore, and discover with a group of dancers in a creative space just for us. There was only one expectation – Collaboration ~                                                         ~Imani W.  Dancer, MFA, Dance Therapist

          “LA Dance Moves has an amazing way of bringing artists together in a positive and professional environment. There was freedom for us all to share our strengths. It was very powerful and inspiring!                                 ~ Kacey J.  Dancer, Choreographer



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